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Our company KELO MASTER builds from KELO (dry pine) since 1990, in Russia from 2006. We build everything, but only from Karelian dry pine that is the best material. We get kelo ONLY from the northern regions of Karelia. The quality of our wood is top level. We personally control production, selection, transportation and storage of the wood, accurate and careful attitude to material and process of construction. We offer all range of services on construction from KELO: from a felling, to the estate.

KELO is expensive, valuable and very rare material. His production is difficult and limited. Due to the long-term selective cutting down, and now and great demand, it remains less every year, and qualitative material meets even less often. In this regard its price constantly grows. And the ready house that was built of a dry pine as soon as roof is ready grows twice in price and it becomes even more expensive every year therefore the house from Kelo is a favorable investment.


Fixed price

Any scale

Honest & Affordable

Guaranteed quality



The northern Karelian pine which has dried in the root, the material recognized in Europe as a environmental friendly and durable, as material No. 1, for ecological building of country housing, hotels, restaurants. Kelo from Finnish is a dry pine, means dried in the root. The modern history of construction of country housing from this wood has begun in the early nineties. The Finnish builders export hundreds fellings from Karelia. And they sell the houses established by them in Europe like their brand. Russia has learned about this material recently. Russians have been surprised, having learned about origins of "Kelo" in Russia and its availability.


We project any objects and designs for houses and other estates. Our professional designers and architects will help to embody your imaginations to the house of your dream, will correct and improve already existing project. We design both standard classical wooden houses and modern with big spans, stained-glass windows, terraces and flat roofs.


We build on the platform in Karelia, then we establish an object in the place of the customer.

  • We offer the material "KELO", for you: diameter of a log is from 200 mm to 500 mm.
  • The board is cut, a pine (100, 150, 200 mm x 50 mm), for the woods, a log and rafters and so forth. By the way, all material from the Karelian wood is much stronger, annual rings are equal to thickness of the sheet of paper.
  • Board not cut (kelo), for finishing, 20 mm – 200 mm.
  • Dies (kelo) — a semi-log, for steps, benches and so forth 200 mm – 600mm flat roofs.


Estimated cost: 400 – 800 euros for – 1 sq.m on a floor

(Depending on diameter and complexity of the project)

1 sq.m on a floor = 3 — 4 sq.m on a wall.

1 sq.m on a floor = 1 – 1,3 m3

The price is fixed and includes all stages of building – all is included. Other companies put the price lower, excepting additional works are integral part of construction process, and increase felling cost in two times that is unpleasant, and sometimes and a very heavy circumstance.

We exclude nervous situations for the customer in the course of building. As a result we have the same price, and even lower price because of terms and quality of our company.

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